Valley Mutual Insurance Association has proudly served the Nishna Valley and western Iowa area for over 125 years. Established in 1889 out of the need for local service and affordable coverage, Valley Mutual has grown into a company providing over $300 million of property coverage.

Valley Mutual Insurance Association is managed and directed by local people who live and work in the community. Company directors are policyholders who have an interest in providing local service, and maintaining rating integrity and company stability.

At Valley Mutual Insurance Association we don’t just say “We’re like a good neighbor”, we are your neighbor! And because we are your neighbor we can respond to your specific needs with products and service designed around those needs. We know our customers and our customers know us.

Neighbor helping neighbor, that’s the Farm Mutual concept. It was true when the company began over 125 years ago, and remains true to this day.

Why Choose Mutual Insurance?
For starters, there are no shareholders – so that means we put the needs of our policyholders first. And that results in better service… suggesting ways to minimize risk… settling claims more fairly and quickly. No wonder more than 135 million policyholders choose mutual insurance to protect their property. Become a part of something bigger. Become a member of a mutual.